Thursday, 2 June 2011

The "Ursutz" Burner Part II

Long time ago I started the idea of a waste oil burner.
The spring bank holiday crappy weather provided the temporal opportunity.
The mental attitude came from some cajoling.
And I like fire!
Lionels Lab still is a good source but google "Ursutz burner" and you'll get the drift.
I built one by casting a bentonite/portland cement/sand/perlite refractory in plastic forms.
It worked and consumed itself in about 10 minutes.
The refractory wasn't at all suitable.
Mark 2 has a sheet steel outer (washing machine casing)
New refectory 50:50 {by vol} perlite:fire cement.
Fire cement let down 3000kg to 300ml water
Gently mix in Perlite.
5kg fire cement used.

The empty outer

The filled burner

The inner forms are all cardboard, masking tape and cling film.
They'll all get slowly burnt out when the lining gets 'proven'.

I've cast a little test panel to check the curing, but I think leaving it in the state above for at least 3 weeks is a minimum.
I'll stick it in the cellar and forget about it.

The threaded bar and wing nuts are for securing the lid and fixing the burner to stands or furnaces.

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Thrasher said...

Weh-hey - looking good dude - and there's me wasting me time cycling across southern Blighty and hob-nobbing with the Thames hoi-palloi.