Friday, 11 January 2008

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The shed

Now I know that I’ve just lost half the population, sorry ladies but this is now a manly blog. Since moving house 2 years ago my shed count has expanded from a sort of workshop area in the back room - half a shed. Now I, and that’s definitely I not we, have

Cellar workshop 3/4 shed

Outside toilet without toilet 3/4 shed

Garden tool store type thingy 1/2 shed

Now to maintain this growth and hence my manliness I’m extrapolating to my future requirements.

Most of the garden will be turned into shed space in the next 10 years or I will become a lady.

Stage 1

3 x 4 m terraced garden at the end of the lawn. All plant life has been eradicated and 1/3 of the concrete base has been dug out. Lack of light and difficulties in disposing of the topsoil have delayed further work. I can't take bags of the stuff to the dump it site without prior arrangement coz the camper is over 1.9m. It's democracy gone mad I say!

2 footings to dig for brick pillars which will support an I beam etc for the roof and lifting gear. That's enough detail for now but designs will follow for any engineers to comment on.

I hoping to complete this year and the all sorts of stuff now proscribed will be possible.

Strangely any activities involving lots of energy are frowned upon in the house. Smelting, welding, forging and burning, the normal stuff you get up to are verboten on the strange assumption that I may burn down the house. Things poisonous, corrosive, flammable and explosive aren't to be played with in the tiny enclosed space under the front room. Weird or what.

This new facility is sufficiently remote to enable proper danger to take place. Engorgement is happening as I write, my masculinity will be expanded.

The provision of a space alone has enabled some fun already. I'm building a waste oil burner and now have somewhere to test fire it without destroying the vegetation. The refractory formula is finalised, the outer casing built, air blower ready to go and several gallons of oil collected. Soon I’ll be able to hold my head up at the abymc forums as a junior smelter.

couldn't resist these beauties

This I guess is the enormous concrete structure that will support the big tower of Sheffield

Here's a moody looking pair

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