Thursday, 4 June 2009

Democracy Day

It's the 20th anniversery of that thing that kicked off in china -
tinamamin something or other.
I'm doing my bit to support freedom
I work as a poll clerk
It's now 0930 and I've been at it 3 hours; 85 people have had a go.
Sorry make that 84.
One person realised that it potentially isn't a secret ballot and ran
off with their ballot paper. More on secrecy later. 

If I get time- LOL 12 hours to go and we've now hit the slow patch.
I know that from experience, this is my 3rd election as a poll clerk.
Potentially it could be my 2nd as a voter.
I've never really been inspired to vote for the usual cryptoanarchostalinomarxist libertarian

  • Voting encourages apathy
  • Most people shouldn't be trusted with a vote
  • Governments always get elected
  • It encourages politicians
  • Insert your own glib statements here

So why am I here?
The money is slighty above minimum wage but usually I get released
from work so you get paid twice.
This time however my boss wouldn't give me the time and I've had to
take time off. 


I will make them suffer for that somehow
So the money is rubbish but it's my money to spend on something frivolous. 

Having collective money and expenses means daft spending is difficult. I sure anyone in a partnership understands.

The polling station I work at is my polling station so I get to nose
on my neighbourhood.
You can have hours (15 in total) of fun perusing the electoral roll.

  • Does she live with her? 
  • Why haven't they registered? 
  • If they all live together why does nobody have the same family name?

Plus you meet the same people once a year when they say "I didn't know you did this"
And put names and addresses to faces I see in the off-licence, at the bus stop, etc. 

Which I then instantly forget so that I can have the same fun next year.

Pip pip

Sent from my Polling Station


Thrasher said...

Not sure I understand why you do this? Personally I DESPISE politics and politicians, which causes heated discussions with the memsahib as I NEVER vote. I see no reason to perpetuate a rotten system and before you ask, no, I don't have an alternative. Why only this week I ran two tory assholes off my property telling them that I would not vote and if I did it would be a million years before I voted for their self-serving scumbag party. Then I told them never to darken my door again. All without swearing. Their response? A fit of giggles. Well done guys, serious politics wins out again. F*ck right off the lot of you. Yeh, you touched a nerve Jeep baby!

The GrandWazoo said...

Calm down, its only an election, lady.
I've told you why I think I do it.
Some free money
Perverse fun in being nosey
To increase and perpetuate my standing in the community.
(As one of that nutty couple - I suspect)
I love the irony, as like you I have no commitment to democracy.
If you let people really decide how the country was run we'd have constitutional racism, state murder, national service and a constant war with France.
I have an alternative.
It's a romantic view of a benevolent socialist dictatorship which would have no place for me.
More irony - you can't win can you.

But in my new soviet state you would be able to put a sensible selection of HTML tags in a blog comment!
"Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed:"