Tuesday, 8 January 2008

What Kind Of Fool Am I?

The vinyl ripping saga part 55

The phono preamp went back, I explained nicely to the hifi shop people that it distorted and even took some examples on my phone for them to listen to.  They were great and instantly gave me a replacement, no quibbles at all.  All power to Moorgate Acoustics.  Happy; I go home and rig the new one up.  You've probably guessed by now - it behaves exactly the same. Some heavy googling later, I find that some builds of Audacity, some iMacs (intel duo core) and, get this, some USB ports cause this to happen.  Swap the preamp to port 2 (the middle); it was in a hub before, and its fine.  Is it just to me that the b in USB for bus suggests that they're all equivalent.  Apparently not, hmmm.

This tale carries on, later Sandy tries to empty her camera into iPhotos, normally achieved by sticking the SD card in the reader and the Mac does the rest.  Nowt happens, take the reader out of the hub and plug it in one of the iMac’s USB (1 or 3 I’m not sure how they're numbered) and its fine. 3/4 hour later and I’ve found a combo which suits all the stupid boxes.  I thought this was supposed to be easy!

Back to the hifi shop tomorrow for big helpings of deer offal encased in pastry and baked in a dish.  I suppose I can take the forum references and add to their knowledge, thus they can support their customers better.

I get an idea in my head and all of a sudden synergies, coincidences and synchronicities flash up everywhere. Have you ever noticed how the number 23 seems to crop up everywhere LOL.  No seriously, I’ve been given the e-learning brief at work and social constructivism suddenly features large in everything.  I suppose that’s the whole point of web 2.0.  If I didn't keep this blog you people out there wouldn't have much idea about the life of a soon to be 50 techy obsessive some time educator WASP male folk rock country soul jazz reggae fan living in the north of England in the early 21st C.  And everybody needs that knowledge


  • Joy Division
  • Tom Jones
  • Love
  • Rocket From The Crypt

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