Friday, 4 January 2008

Today in Yorkshire

(guess what - it isn't my image)

Snow, brill.
I hear we're going to get winter but only for a couple of days.  
Who broke the climate eh?  Wznt me no sirree.  

I remember when we got proper Yorkshire winters 8 feet of snow from September to April and loved it.  

Good laugh yesterday on radio 4 pm prog.  Everybody’s whinging about how 1cm of snow falls and the country grinds to a halt, no like in Sweden.  Then they get a Swede telling them that snow cripples their transport system and how they wished is was like Switzerland where trains always run. 
Well I laughed.   

I've got to blog about blogging, 

I promised I wouldn't but I’m full of promises that aren't worth much.  What about personal stuff that isn't about me?  I've just realised I’ve posted pictures of real people (in the park) and should have asked for permission first.  Also dr thrasher's given me his myspace address and I think I should link to it here.  I guess he shouldn't object coz he'll get more friends, but I need some protocols here.   

No personal stuff unless it's already in the public domain.   

There's a start, it might work.   

The vinyl ripping continues with a new pre-amp.  I decided the old NAD amp was goosed - remember the humming.  So I looked around and found a NAD phono preamp with a USB outlet.  

Seems that modern amps only have line inputs and phono preamps are common coz the real hifi buffs still insist on vinyl.  

Anyway this NAD doodad is in their catalog but nobody lists a price.  Found the local dealer and went to ask them.  They said it’s so new that they didn't know either but they did have similar by some other gang.  

So I bought this

Bugger me I connect everything up and the humming is still there. Turns out it's a damaged cable on the turntable all along. 

Whatever, the preamps a good idea coz its got a better analog digital converter than the imac.  Then it does this after 45sec - bolloxx it's gotta go back.   

Excitement - I’ve managed the 33/30 bus combo superfast and at 0700 hardly any traffic.  A nice early start, bastard place is shut, caretaker gone AWOL.  Retreat to local greasy spoon for breakfast and try again later. 

This day aint starting well, I just fired the yolk in my saus & egg w brown into my lap.  Brand new trousers clean on.  Oh yes I finally got some £40 for2 at gap.  

God this is thrilling!
I'll stop b4 I die from my own banality.


Thrasher said...

Nope - don't mind ya linking to the MySpace site at all Geoffrey.
One day I'll get round to making some new music for it. So how much vinyl do you have to convert? Sounds like a mammoth task to me.

The Grand Wazoo said...

Good 'coz I've done it anyway (it was public)
Yes please more music, if possible more vids. Sorry to hear about your mate Hoppy but the vid with him is great. The others are just a tease - surely there's more?
Mammoth, its Mammuthus Sungari, but I like a challenge. Someone suggested getting everything of torrents or such-like but it seems like cheating