Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pasty Number 5

Well this post went adrift somewhere last night.
I'd swear that I saw it up here after I'd written it whilst tucked up in the camper.
But I was pissed, tired and hurting after a long day in the sun.
We went to Fowey (pronounced Phooey) , walked via Gribben Point to Polkerris, then back to Foy (pronounced Filbertegibbert).
Last time I was here (for Roy Walker's Wedding 25ish yrs ago) Fowey was cute but still a functioning town. Now it's cuter than a kitten in a basket surrounded by daisies and probably awful to live in. Then it had a bakery selling pasties now it has Kittow Bros. (elsewhere advertised as a "craft butchers and grazier" WTF?)
The filling
Far too much meat, they advertise "3 times the legal minimum". By that reasoning a lump of steak wrapped in pastry would be a pasty. It aint, it's Beef Wellington.
And not enough pepper.
And cubes (but I think I need to get over this)
The Pastry
The better of the components but not perfect. I want pastry made of crumbs and any flakiness will be punished.
The Presentation etc.
S says 0/2, I want to give them 0.5 so they don't cry.
No I can't think of any good stuff
Total 5/10
(that surprised me)

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Thrasher said...

A mediocre end to piefari then. Shame. I am with you on the cube issue - all the best pasties have slices of vegetables. What now? Shall I purchase a 'special steak' from Taunton and send pics? Obviously I can't send a taste - although maybe I could freeze one and send it in a box? Whaddya say big boy?