Friday, 19 June 2009

Pasty Number 4

We went to Liskeard today and I did some research so picked this recommended baker.
I wasn't disappointed.
Fine to very good. Minus for Veg in cubes and all though seasoning was good not quite strong enough
Splendid. Slight lamination but not flaky.
Not bad baked on premises.
Only £2 for big pasty
Excellent gingham paper bag
Total 8/10
Rest of day spent deep in antiquity and geology.
The Trevathy Quoit vs Cheesewring
humans vs nature.
Nature wins
Unfeasibly large slabs of granite balanced in a threatening manner.
I was scared.


El Thrashtastico. said...

How exciting, another 8/10 savoury! You must be delighted. But will it be bettered? Time is running out for piefari. As a point of interest, have you ever come across a 10/10 antwhere on your travels? Today, I am playing at a wedding, so it will be yet another buffet from hell. I'm going to take a nice corned beef sandwich instead.

The GrandWazoo said...

The perfect pasty is yet to be found.
I suspect it will never get graded.
Allah makes perfect stuff not us humans.
Anyone remember Nadia Comaneci?
No I didn't either.
But her perfect score surely made all subsequent gymnastics pointless.
Best pie I ever had was a Scotch pie from the grocers in Durness.
(you have to go there to find out why)