Thursday, 18 June 2009

Pasty Number 3

Pie-faced Power Porks out on Pasty from Posh Purveyor in Public Park.
The Orangery Resturant Mount Edgcumbe
They don't make them there but when I asked they didn't seem to know
where they are made.
Cubes of potato (slices are better) not enough swede and seasoning
negligible 2/5
Adequete but not perfect 2.5/3
Presentation etc
Lovely building but staff surly 1/2
Total 5.5/10
Much more interesting was the fountain outside the Orangery. Mermaids
with two tails!
This offends all accepted symbology of half women half fish creatures.
The tradational memaid allures you in with her upper womanly charms
but the single fish tail prevents consumation. These 2 tailed
varieties are even more monsterous. Fuckable fish women.

1 comment:

Thrasher said...

A mediocre pasty and a disturbing kind of a fish kind of a woman kind of a thing. A tough day then and only 2 days of piefari left! Looks like day one may come out on top. Two tails huh? let me go ponder that awhile.............................