Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Ramps, Ridgeways, Railways and Rain

This Sunday walk re-used ways intended for other uses.
It didn't rain.

All the following provenance is mine and may well be wrong

The climb from Dennis Knoll used a 19c(?) millstone quarry ramp
At the top we followed Stannage Edge West on a medieval packhorse causeway towards Strines.
As the Inn claims to be 13C the route must have passed it - well you wouldn't avoid the only pub in the region would you?
Well yes we did! (S is teetotal and I'm in charge of the motor car).
Slightly before the inn we picked up a footpath "preserved" by very wonderful Peaks and Northern Footpaths Soc.
Their ref S086 - these signposts are a delight.
From Cutthroat Bridge to Ladybower Inn there must have been some sort of way for the murder to have been done and discovered.
I'm assuming that as the whole valley was flooded for the reservoirs, all the roads are new, but the placename "Yorkshire Bridge" does make you think.

A lovely lunch and a bit of a doze in the sun was then enjoyed at the top of the Labybower Dam.
Wonderful civil engineering site-seeing thanks to the Derwent Valley Water Board.
You've got to be thinking be-whiskered men in tall hats smoking cigars.
Bloody Hell - It's Van Morrison again

Off across the dam to pick up and railway, now called the Thornhill Trail. It was built for moving stuff from the main Hope Valley line up to the dams during construction.
(it's not really in Canada)

Past the rotting yellow syncro in bamford (spit spit I want it! They obviously don't)
Up the hill on Saltergate Lane.
Now what do you think that might be about?
Some jigger-pokery (should that be jaggery-pokery or coggery-pokery) gets us across Hurst Clough and into a green lane.
Green Lane/Drovers road call 'em what you want but mostly dicks seem to want to race 4x4s up 'em.
They are public roads but seems a shame to destroy 1000 year old ways in 20 years.
Guess where that got us - back to the 2 tonne 4.2 litre battle cruiser.
Yes I'm a hypocrite.
But I'm also a nihilist so everything is okay.

If you walk this way - enjoy it.
Future installments will do The Peak as industrial wasteland (which it is!)


Bobby Basketball Bloor said...

The more recent murder at the bridge was something to do with Gabrielle's (pop singer) boyfriend. Another useless fact

The GrandWazoo said...

I'd completely forgotten about that gory history
By no means useless.
We love this stuff