Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I'm In My Bag

As you were all asking.

Here's what's in the top section of my bag. This is the flap that closes the top of the bag, it has a small zipped pocket that I suppose is for valuable and must have in a moderate hurry things.
Starting top left and going down

The best ones I've found to replace my ray-bans that got stolen in Aberdeen. Genuine bargain; £1 from Primark.I bought 5 pairs and leave them all over the place.


Gift from some outdoor leader bod I met years ago. He had boxes of them - Thanks Dennis. A must have on everyone's outdoor essentials list. This one got us un-lost on Kinder Scout. It doesn't require any electicity and will work after months immersed in water.

Bag Pet
Every bag should have one; S has Brian the Dinosaur. I have a Little White Bull who I should call Tommy but I don't. It's a totem. I posess this bull and so control all others. They cannot attack me. Basic shamanistic magic. Niels Bohr had a horseshoe in his study; for good luck which he didn't believe in.

There's no story here. You use them to lock and unlock doors. These ones fit the camper. The attached piece of fancy knot work is a jib-shackle.

Top right downwards

A container for tea bags - cute eh?

The tea bag it contains. Earl Grey with caffeine. Some times when I'm feeling pious I drink decaf' but it's always Earl Grey. More about walking, tea making and drinking in a later instalment.

Container for Leatherman
Not very interesting. I do worry sometimes about the number of containers I own. Some compulsion to contain things so as to control them?

The Leatherman tool it contains.
T'reffic- I had one for years that S bought me. Some twat stole it. I was working on the camper, left it on the drivers seat while I dipped underneath. Blink. I popped back up and it had gone BASTARDS. I got myself another one eventually .

Today we also went for a walk (see comment below)


Thrasher said...

All good stuff - I like very much the teabag container and would like to source one for Mrs Thrasher, who, coincidentally drinks Lady Grey and insists on making her own tea, even in cafes!
Multi-purpose tools are also a must have. But WHY? I have a Swiss-Tech UtiliKey on my keyring which has 6 built in tools within a frame the size and shape of a key.
Now to the real issue here. WHERE IS TODAY'S PIEFARI REPORT?. Surely your ambulatory exertions carried you past a pasty emporium of some description today? I am imagining myself tearing the pie shaped epaulettes from your weatherproof overgarment as I type. Come on man - shape up!

The GrandWazoo said...

Today we went to Duloe via the west limb of the Looe river. I missed a footpath on the map and we slogged up the road instead of following another watercourse through some woods. It began to rain. St. Cuby's church was an unexpected little gem, he being a local boy an' all. Across the road an impressive stone circle and rain. We walked into the town in the rain. Shithole. Fortunately only 20 minutes wait for the bus. Pub most uninviting. I needed change for the bus so we crashed the village store. The romance in my head produced pasties whose provenance I would discuss with the friendly but simple shopkeeper. Reality produced shop with nothing to buy and 14 yo slapper with metal teeth. I had to buy a packet of nuts just to get some change. I ate them in the rain. Bus back to Looe and an executive decision (ie not mine) hopped us straight into a taxi back to camp. Time to dry clothes, bags and boots inside the awning because it was still raining. So no pasties for Geoffrey. Did I mention the rain?