Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Pasty Number 2

Todays entertainment was a jaunt down the SW Coastal Path from Looe to Polperro and then an inland return.
I'll attach a GPS (Guinea Pig Search) path when I get home.
If you have OS Explorer 107, who hasn't, the route is obvious.
Bleedin' Hot and I'm very tired.
Half way was pasty sampling time.
Avoiding chain of Proper Pasty and too big at Wrights Genuine Tin Miners; I stumped for the cocktail special (a sub-small species) from the above emporium.
Rubbish 2/10
Which gives me a chance to discuss my marking scheme.
5 points for filling
3 points for casing
2 points for presentation, service, and anything else I can think of.
Martins Dairy lost a point for missing an apostrophe from Martins.
Call me a pedant but It makes no sense without it.
So I give Polperro Bakery.
0.5 for filling because there was some but it was congealed soup. I couldn't discern any different ingredients and where was the pepper?
0.5 for casing because it contained the filling. Some limp flaky pastry effort, imagine layers of damp insulation from under laminate flooring.
Now take away all flavour.
They get a point for the smell of baking and the red cheeks of the woman serving.

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Thrasher said...

A disappointing second day of piefari. Still the crux of the expedition lies in sampling many different types and a poor showing today may well be tempered by a magnificent example of the bakers art tomorrow. Onward and upward dear boy - out there somewhere is the ultimate pie. The search continues.