Friday, 21 December 2007

Poets Corner - A Warning

Westminster Abbey - not bad, the Chapter House is especially good.  Surprising I’ve never been before.  Bit of a swizz though all these memorials for people who are buried somewhere else.

Check it out 

So that gave me an idea, I'll start putting up memorials in our house and charge admission.

If you get confused and doubt that Norman Mailer is buried in our back garden.

Look here

It's official, I hate shopping trailing around all the UniQlo shops in the West End to find that the only size in the trousers I want are stupid colours and I only want them for work anyway. 

Can I have those 2 hours of my life back please?
I thought not!

Shopping in the West End of London on the last weekend before Xmas wasn’t a clever idea anyway.  Carnaby Street to do and then lunch.  Might go into Liberty's to look at stuff we can't afford.  

On the whole I’d rather drill my own teeth. 

Lunch would be good next and the afternoon plan is smutty pictures at the Barbican - I kid you not.

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