Sunday, 23 December 2007

Sick Boy - Fading Fast

I've got a cold and I’m not really interested in much today.  Which is a shame coz there's no shopping and two exhibitions I was looking fwd to.

So v. quickly

Age of Enchantment - Brit illustration 1870-1920- dead good but not enough Arthur Rackham

Interestingly (well it is to me) I've spent years admiring Arthur R's many talents

  • Illustrator
  • Spy
  • Journalist
  • Author
Now I find out there's 2 of 'em and I've been blended A Rackham with A Ransome

Doesn't Spartacus Educational sound suspicious - well it does to me!

Next the Turner Prize Winners - just what is said on the tin TP winners 84-07

Not bad, nice to see stuff that there’s been a fuss about in the 'flesh'

Back to the camper soon for tea and early night for sick boy G I think.

Talking of tea I must tell all the camping fans amongst you,

that’s Tim and Jan if you didn’t know

We've got the best camping oven yet, 

  • The Weber was ok
  • I was tempted by a Cobb. 
  • Them soviets sussed it once again a Remoska cooker! 

If you’ve got mains you can have an oven.  What was good for a flat in Prague works just peachy in a camper (or a tent). 

Tonight, roast chicken and veg, stick it in forget about it. 

Which is just as well as I’ve got about 750ml of special brew on board and this typing lack is difficult never mind food prep. 

Sandra has just reported that the itinery of visual arts is virtually complete - we only missed a Jane Bown exhib 

Shame I love her photos.



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