Saturday, 22 December 2007

Is This A Pipe?

Well the smutty pics were largely just that - porno thru the ages I can get that off the www - I was expecting more art.

Highlights were selected images from The Kinsey Collection lots of 50's hard core but the academic classification made it really comic.  It appears they still collect and catalogue similar stuff. 

Whizzing all over today, Fulham for antiques - bumped into 'Quality Campers' just by accident loads of t25s but no breaking going on - no parts. 

If anyones got a mint set of engine tinware I'm in the market. 

This pm the plan is a sleeping and dreaming themed exhibition at the Wellcome foundation - I wonder if they’re giving out samples, I could go a nice nap from a big pink sweetie ;-)

The Sleeping and Dreaming exhibition was the dogs', cats', and bees' parts especially as they were showing Un Chien Andalou - best Spanish Surrealist film ever made.

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