Thursday, 20 December 2007

Final Results - Sandra Wins!

Round up of the shopping match

Sandra missed another sitter and it went to extra time.  Very negative play from both sides - including drinking coffee and eating cakes.  Then at the death Power goes mental, a flurry of scores.

 We found the last Fopp Records on earth.  
I netted

  • First three Jimi Hendrix; 
  • Nirvana Unplugged
  • Guns 'N' Fucking Roses only decent album, "Appetite For Destruction"  

A certain winning play.  But no, Sandra kills the game dead with all the Bowie albums up to "Young Americans" (bar "Hunky Dory" which we’ve got). 

A clear winner.

Today is a comfortable start, 

V&A for Haute Couture - boring and superficial.

I don't get Fashion as Art when it  comes down to it doesn't do that inspirational thing to me.  I can't see that expression of some essence of humanity.  "What is art?" - Discuss!

Hey it's not an invitation, do it now!

Also at the V&A- The Art of Lee Miller - tee riffick.  

This is ART!

Try this for comparison


Less comfortable followed - more shopping. I’m losing my energy for intensive consuming. Although I have just finished probably the best pastie ever, from Harrods

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