Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Homeward Bound

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Fairly uneventful day, which was a good thing considering we traveled back to Sheffield.  Camper cruised quite happily at 65-70 all the way and the ploy of traveling on xmas eve worked a treat.  The circuit of London 'round the South/North Circular isn't ever fast but it kept flowing.  The M1 I’ve never seen so empty, which means it was busy but didn't grind to a halt every 20 miles  for no apparent reason. 

I could go on but this is even boring me. I was about to tell about the progress of my cold - thrilling eh?

Hopefully here's something more interesting.  

I think I keep dreaming about not being able to sleep.  But how do I know?

I’m lying there thinking why am I 'awake' at some god awful hour of the night and Sandra 'wakes' me up to stop me snoring.  The quote marks are to signify that I really don’t know what state I’m in.  Here's another thought, what if Sandra’s dreaming about me snoring?  
I think some research into snoring/dreaming/sleep apnea might be called for.
Well I did some and I keep finding the statement that you can't dream and snore but that's all it appears to be a statement - no evidence as yet.

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