Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Elephant In The Womb

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Xmas day-what can you say the most Sunday of all Sundays and its not even Sunday.  Anyone remember the last xmas day on a Sunday?  That must have been the worst.

Sandy and I did Saturday morning film club special - it wasn't Saturday so it was a special geddit?.

The film was 'Bringing Up Baby' 1000% gem - today’s competition number and name bad Cary Grant films. Prizes given to anyone whose answer the judge (guess who?) agrees with.

Elephant in room

Lots of my time today has been taken up with this blog, I’m very tempted to blog about blogging and disappear up my own fundament - but I won't.

OMG I have!

Here's more

I love "my name is Wade Sonenberg, I live in Atlanta..." (don't know why either).

Taking of bad sundays here's Black Sabbath

Punk Rock 1970

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