Saturday, 29 December 2007

Freaky Friday

It seems a Tradition that Friday Blogs have lists in them so here's my first. 
Favourite Cranes
Sheffield has become a building site, apartment and office blocks going up everywhere. As the flats are costing what our house did and the major population influx is from Eastern Europe, it got me thinking.
WhoTF is buying them?
I'm told be people who should know (housing strategists would you believe) that it's rich people who work in the new office blocks who don't commute but have 2 homes.  I suspect the flats  could be buying and selling flats not living in flats.  Property developers build 'em and then sell them to property developers and they become pure commodity - ain't capitalism marvelous.The plus to all this is Sheffield's full of cranes - aren't cranes great!

No. 1
I looked for a picture of the Big Crane (with the little one on the boom) which must be my all time favourite.  No luck.  But this is what Barrow-in-Furness skyline used to be from Walney. Lovely lovely cranes. 

No 2
I can't help it it's in my blood, more shipyard cranes.  The very mighty Samson and Goliath at Harland and Wolf in Belfast.  They have no function but everyone wanted them kept.  I presume because they were familar,  I think they have beauty too but I like machines.  Too late for B-in-F. 

No 3

Here's a family group from Sheffield, they're building what will be the tallest block in the city which is nice for them.   I'm hoping they will grow as the block does and become cranes amongst cranes.  I suspect building tall buildings has left cranes behind and some clever gantry around the building will creep up as it grows.  Shame. 

No 4
I couldn't resist.  Isn't he lovely?
Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) apparently

No 5

I couldn't resist.  Isn't he lovely?
Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) apparently

No 6
The final Crane.
Actually I think Eddie (RIP) is my favourite on the program but he's a dog and doesn't have a family name.

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Thrasher said...

This is a really old picture of BiF docks - around 1900 apparently and I suspect not the crane you were looking for.

Crane 1

This, however is a much later shot and there she is in the top left corner. What a beauty! Why DID it have a little crane on top? I can remember posing this question to my grandfather, but can't remember the answer.

Crane 2

The Big E