Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Cold Brit Monarchs, Hot Pop Art Heroes and SHOUTING

What are the rules here?

Can I tell you about yesterday today?

Here goes, Hampton Court was

  • Authentically cold
  • Not Tudor enough 
  • Needs a good 6 hours to wander about in.  
  • All in all well worth as visit but not what I expected.  

They market it as Henry VIII but really its William III.  

Off to the National Portrait Gallery for pop art portraits terrific stuff.

All the usual suspects (Warhol, Blake, Lichtenstein etc) but great stuff by people I'd never heard of especially Joe Tilson and Mel Ramos (can't resist a bit of cheesecake).  I liked the prelude bit with the people who came B4 the pop artists in particular a nice nod to 


who I rate completely especially as a welder

I've lost control of me typesetting now and discovered if you make up tags like - i'm shouting and I can't help it 

After that to the ICA for some photographer from Warhol’s factory , Peter Hujar

(the piccy at the top is a great pic of Susan Sontag by PH - copyright someone else)

and Charing Cross for books and cds.

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