Thursday, 13 December 2007

Earwig O

2 days to go until holidays, preparations begin.

The camper is as ready as it's going to get.  

Amazing how I’ve kept off the subject until now, tough luck readers it's obsessive vw owner time.

The engine got rebuilt in the summer, proper rebuild from the bottom up.  Phil Edge's advice was taken and as far as possible it was stock, i.e. no extra power production attempted. 

V wise advice seeing as the last complete engine build I did was a 200cc two stroke (remember that James Captain?). 

So as per usual engine gets back in a day before we go off on holiday.  August in Ireland - lovely went to New Grange in the Boyne valley - staggering Neolithic stuff - big buildings from 1000s of years ago. I'm sure our archeological reader could add more superlatives.  

Anywho, carefully run in new engine up to Stranraer - runs like a nice running thing at a sewing machine festival. 10 mile from the campings it sounded and felt like every nut and bolt inside went for a wander.  Shut it down quick, coast to a halt and dive underneath. 

  • No bad signs.  
  • Unpack everything to get to engine bay.  
  • It's a T3, brick shaped one not a hippy one so the engines inside. 
  • Inspect sniff, feel, and lick everything I can. 
  • Still no badness.  

If there were a careful way to start it (any suggestions welcome) I’d have done that next but only thing I could think of was to crank it and hope.  

Brilliant, it fired up and everything tickety boo. Be great if engines made that noise when running sweet.

  • Tickety boo
  • Tickety boo
  • Tickety boo
  • Tickety boo

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