Sunday, 20 January 2008

pocket computer woes

Well I’ve had to reset the phone so it's probably forgotten words like pream....

I thought so stupid bloody thing.

Now I’ve got to teach it to swear again!
That's what you get for messing about.
As you can tell I’ve been playing with the network and the phone. If you didn't get it the previous post came straight from here to the blog.
  • These ones from the number 30 bus get worked up,
  • saved as a word 97 doc,
  • blue toothed to the Imac,
  • opened,
  • laid out,
  • spell checked
  • and revised in work
  • and then c'n'p to blogspot.
  • Slick or not!

Yesterday's however, I went to blogspot and typed in the blog.
Wow, all on a phone.
So I thought I’d see what wifi would I see on the way to work?
What fun!
  • Into town bits and pieces
  • Town - loads mostly BT openzone
  • Out of town - on and off, couple of schools?

I'm very vague coz I’m on a bus and it's going in and out of cells.

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Thrasher said...

This inspired me to have another look at my all singing all dancing phone. Usually I don't bother with predictive text, but with the old thumbs packing up I decided I would like to use it again. So I spent a happy evening punching in all the swear words and odd place names that I use when I'm texting people. Superb! It actually works. AND - I have come up with a solution to the possible/probable scenario where I can't play guitar anymore. Lap Steel! Look out ebay her I come.