Monday, 7 January 2008

The Snot Is Caked Upon My Jeans

(i can't refuse my public - the chariot but 10,000 house points available for the location)


Back into the real routine now the holiday season done until Easter I guess - one thing to thank the xians for.  I just decided if Christmas - Xmas, xians makes sense.  Apart from them and anyone else who has Jesus as a prophet or such, maybe the pagans and your followers of the roman gods, Xmas means nought.  As for New Year, it's just one of those calendar coincidences.  Why not 27 march that’s 365.25 ish days from the last 27 march.  Anyway isn't this calendar a new thing anyway - when was pope Gregory?  All this makes me think the vernal equinox has lots lots going for it.



Not bound to any calendar

It’s the end of the winter, we're getting more light than dark and it's about the start of the regular outdoor pursuits season.  So you can expect equinox cards etc this year.

If we’re back to normal this was a regular weekend.

Saturday - up early as always but not to go to work, so dick about on the computer 'til Sandra stirs then it's back to bed with drinks for Saturday morning film club - dead of night.  Late breakfast and I was up while Sandra does menus for the week and plans the shopping.  Today’s a bit irregular coz we're off to the wholesale hippy food shop to stock up on bulk weird stuff

Almond flour - which we generally substitute for wheat flour to help Sandra’s crohns.

Herby teas

Fennel toothpaste

Vegan pesto

Non-sugar jams

Next it's off to tescos for the normal stuff, although our basket looks different to most peoples it's full of fruit, veg, meat and fish.  We seem to be missing all the stuff in packets and tins that everyone else has got. What are we doing wrong?

Pm generally spent at leisure but today we're off to town.  I've got that phono preamp to return, pens to buy and I suppose there’s all sorts of lovely shops to look in.


Coz there isn't much daylight we made an earlier start and set of for a walk in the peak district.  I had an old favorite in mind, the circuit of derwent edge from cutthroat bridge.  But Sandra came up with another new idea, hathersedge, up and 'round abney moor, eyam and back over the other side of the moor. We managed back to hathersedge and the camper just as the light was going and an hour after I’d had enough.  Still if it don't kill me it should make me stronger.

Details of the walk here.
I'm not sure if you can just click it and it'll load to Google Earth - try it.
If not right click and down load might work - tell me what happened.

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thrasher said...

Gosh, that's a huge walk. It WOULD kill me. It loaded perfectly by the way unlike the .kml for your house that you sent me. Please resend this link to my email as I really, really need to inspect your roof for cracked tiles and the like. Nice van - my bass player had one of those for a while - without the rear windows - more of a commercial version. It was terribly slow up hills but you could get your arse out of the passenger side window on the motorway. Jeez - rock'n'rollers huh?