Wednesday, 2 January 2008

The South Has Risen (Again?)

(is this my image?  I pinched the original from Rolling Stone and then tweeked it)

Back to work for real today.
I worked the gap between xmas and new year but that wasn’t real.
I was in a different office just ‘round the corner from my house and I was practically the only one there. 
A very quite new year - seems to me it's just a calendar event.  
I like the astronomical ones better, so must plan some special fun for the vernal equinox. 
This morning's blog is having to compete with James Lee Burke- remember him?  He's my new bestest writer.  
I'm stuck in a dick lit groove   
  • James Ellroy 
  • Conan-Doyle 
  • Ian Rankin 
  • Now JLB    
So the choice today was 'Purple Cane Road' 
White knight Cajun French detective Dave Robicheux investigates his own past and his mother's life in the underworld of Louisiana.  His books seem to drip atmosphere of the South - lots of trees and water.  
But I decided blog and mp3s instead. 
I'm being haunted by the Confederacy, unconsciously the choices for music turned out to be Johnny Cash or the Kings of Leon - good ol' southern boys all.  
I went for JC the “Essential Sun Collection”.  JC seems to have finally come back in fashion, but I find the later stuff wince making.  
Without the Tennessee Three it sounds empty, that walking bass and ham-fisted twangy guitar can't be bettered.

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