Thursday, 31 January 2008

Excessive Everywhere

Well have I got some stuff to do!


Excessive hydrocarbons

Excessive play in front suspension


Yes that’s right its MOT time and for the first time it failed on stuff that will need real work to sort out.

The first one was to be expected, coming back from M’boro it smoked badly.  Whatever was behaving in place of the piston rings (carbon?) gave up.  Mot tester couldn't measure the levels they were so high.  As usual my mouse like plans have evaporated in the heat of necessity - new engine now, not in 4 months like I’d intended.  So it's full steam ahead to build another one.


The suspension was a bit of a surprise. I'll confess I didn't check it over - too busy using it recently.  Last time I did, autumn sometime, seemed fine to me, but I suppose these things can fail quickly. 

Mot man he say he could hear it when he drove it in. 

Weird thing is I can now.


The great thing is that this year the tax ran out before the mot, unlike previous years when they ran out together.  So I’ve got 12 months tax and don't have to SORN it - yippee.  However as sandy pointed out, we’re paying tax just to park outside the house.


Lots of shopping to do now for obscure performance vw bits. 

Why not eh?


Any reports on café racer construction from Tim?


Meanwhile I’ve another job to due, applying for my own job.  I only have a short term contract with the council, have done for nearly 4 years now, and they finally decided that the work I do warrants a proper job.  Because this is local government they can't just give it me, it's got to be fair and open to anyone so I’ve got to apply. 

I bloody hate filling in application forms, the process is endless, writing awkward statements in answer to inept questions, reviewing and editing, trying to work out what the bejabbers proves what etc. etc.


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