Friday, 4 January 2008

Projections In A Golden Eye

It's that day again.
I feel a list coming on
Ongoing projects
    Which all other listed below connect to.  
    My critical paths have smaller critical paths to bite them. 
It needs body work - os sill floor section goosed.  All the windows leak coz of little patches of rot breaking the seals. Not bad really considering it's age.  
- we stay nice and cosy in winter months but only by constantly heating it.  It leaks heat everywhere and the wind whistles through it.  Besides the thermal stuff it needs sound insulation an’ all lots of huge flat panels resonating happily - can’t do this b4 the bodywork. 
It came with a crap tape player but some junkie broke in and robbed it.  Well it must have been someone very desperate to risk arrest for something worth about a fiver.  So I replaced it with a couple of modular mono amps £6 ex maplins and a bit of power conditioning buried inside the dash, add a 3.5mm jack for the mp3 player. There you go an un-nickable stereo!  I thought if it wasn’t making a noise it wouldn't consume power - wrong - flat battery.  Add a power switch and an led indicator, decide a fake alarm (don't tell anyone) would be a good idea. So I’ve now got a little  flasher circuit to get from breadboard to Vero board.  
 - I’ve already bored you with old engine tales.  
Here's new engine tedium. 
The original one is stripped and broken down.
Crank regrind and valve biggening to commission.
Oil gallery plugs to pull, clean galleries, new plugs and sensors to fit.
Carb linkages to fabricate - carbs, some lovely lovely Dellorto DRLAs, to strip, polish and rebuild.  BTW I know where there are some v sexy Weber DCOEs that were free to a good home.  
I'm losing track here have I really got this much to do?
 The hydraulic cam followers are going they won’t keep up at 6500 rpm.
 That’s all right coz a new cam, heavy springs and stainless valves going in too.
Which means I should really get some new push rods I can cut to the right lengths.
Repeated engine builds over the next 6 months.  That’s not listing all the things I’d like to do.

You'll have to wait 'til next Friday for the rest.
(can't wait eh?)

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thrasher said...

Where is this b east - we want, nay, demand, pictures of the mighty chariot.