Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Kapt Kopter

I just found out Randy California is dead.

I've just waded through ManFred Mann's Earth Band and the next out of the box is the very very mighty Kapt Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds.
Surf away, find out what's going on, what people think and there it is.


So I've turned it up very loud (it's better the louder it gets) and I'm trying to think of what more to say.

Eff me I put dead into google looking for some ironic/suitable/ironic thingy and all I get is the bleeding Grateful Dead.

I have discovered though that my stereo seems to handle any amount of umph.  My ears are ringing and I can't hear any distortion beyond the records age.  Lots of extraneous noise but it sounds really clear.

More coincidence, more dead guitarists.
The speakers, which seem unstoppable, are some well matured BeoVox CX 50's which belonged to Ian Wood - I can't write any more.

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thrasher said...

1. There ain't nuthin' wrong with The Grateful Dead dude.

2. I knew The Kaptain had shuffled off and remember at the time scouring the web for a CD copy of 'Potatoland' which was not to be had for love nor money. Now you can get it on Amazon and sho' nuff there is 'Futire Games' too - always my favourite Spirit album 'cos of the early 'sampling' of Star Trek, the killer guitar riffs throughout and the unrivalled and deliciously melting psychedelia of 'Would You Believe'. Another £20 gone! Ta Geoffrey

On a different tack, I too have had frustrations with the fact that not all USB ports are equal, but dig this brother, not all implementations of the USB protocol on main proceesor chips are equal either. I found this out to my cost after purchasing a USB guitar signal processor (Line6 UX2)and getting random bursts of white noise whilst trying to record using ASIO drivers. Turns out my processor (some Intel dual core mega fast job) can't handle constant streams of USB audio data and gives up the ghost now and again. Jeez! The answer was to use the standard driver on the onboard soundcard which introduced a little latency - not a problem as the signal processor has direct monitoring output jacks which I plugged into one channel of my studio monitors and Bob's yer auntie's live in lover - sorted!
Tecchie shmecchie.
Dr. T.